Licensed Psychologist

Tryon, North Carolina


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.Providing Supportive Mental Health .Counseling Services For Individuals, .Couples and Families.

.An Emphasis on Personal Growth, .Practical Coping Skills, Individual .Decision-Making, and Relationships.













      Identity Issues

      Abusive Relationships






      Personal Crises


      Family Concerns


      Trust Building

      Conflict Resolution











, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,-- Hours by Appointment --

.. -- Free Initial 30 Minute Telephone Interview --

. . 828-859-0280

Director/Senior Psychologist of a large outpatient mental health
center in Montgomery County, Maryland, 16 years;

Private Practice, 22 years;

Additional experience in organizational and personnel
psychology and clinical program management.

PH.D. University of Maryland;
MA George Mason University;
BA University of Maryland.



My theoretical orientation is eclectic, with primary emphases on cognitive
therapy and family systems therapy approaches. My clinical focus is on
clients' strengths and positive potentials, rather than their "illnesses," and
I tend to address here-and-now issues more than childhood experiences.
In my conversations with clients, I am always directing my comments to
that part of the person who analyzes situations and makes decisions about
how to cope. I am also very focused on the ways in which my clients are
influenced by and interact within their important relationships. In many
respects, I relate to my clients as a teacher or coach, and I am always willing
to explain the rationale behind any statements I may make..

In working with me, what my clients would probably notice most would be
my direct, down-to-earth, practical, and supportive clinical style. They would
probably also sense my respect for them as individuals and my genuine
commitment to their well-being. I do understand and admire the courage it
can take for people to seek the wisdom to overcome life's difficulties and
strive toward their highest positive potential.


My office is located just outside the town of Tryon in the Warrior Drive area. It
is convenient to all locations in Polk County, North Carolina as well as locations
in upstate South Carolina, such as Landrum and Campobello.

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